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Care & Clean Instructions

by admin |20/09/2015 |6 Comments | Content, Formatting, Post Formats | [wr_row width=”boxed” background=”none” border_width_value_=”0″ border_style=”solid” border_color=”#000″ div_padding_top=”0″ div_padding_left=”0″ div_padding_bottom=”0″ div_padding_right=”0″ ][wr_column span=”span12″ ][wr_text text_margin_top=”0″ text_margin_bottom=”0″ enable_dropcap=”no” appearing_animation=”0″ disabled_el=”no” ]Thank you for shopping with Dash(Store)! We hope that our furniture will serve you for a long time and stays beautiful for many years. That’s why we created an article where we explain how to keep your furniture in perfect condition for an extended period of time.
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Design for Work Place

by admin |20/09/2015 |0 Comments | Codex, Formatting, Post Formats

You’ve got a home-based business. Or you work remotely for an employer. Either way, you plan to make working from home work. From choosing the right desk and storage setup, to avoiding common telecommuting pitfalls, here are some helpful ideas—including productivity tips from experts.

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